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Banding Bulletin – February 2014

Banding Bulletin – February 2014

We hope that this month’s edition of the Banding Bulletin finds you well! In this issue, we are happy to announce that we’ll be setting up another series of informational webinars, designed both to address some of our frequently asked questions, as well as to answer any questions you might have individually. We will also provide you with our upcoming conference schedule, mention some of the new educational video resources which have been produced, and ask if there is any way in which CRH can “help the cause” at your practice!

Webinars offered Monday, February 24th!

We were absolutely thrilled by the response received from our inaugural webinar Q&A sessions in January, where we discussed anticoagulation, external hemorrhoidal disease and contraindications to RBL, as well as addressing a few questions from the floor. We will pick out a few more topics to hit on Monday, 2/24, and will be offering a couple of sessions in order to accommodate as many of your schedules as we can. Please check your mailboxes in the coming week or so to look for more details and to sign up for your preferred time.

If you missed last month’s webinar, JESSICA is able to provide you with a link to a recording of that session. If you have topics in mind for us to cover, please email ME at your convenience! Thanks again for your continued interest, and I hope to be able to speak with you in a few weeks!

CRH is “On the road again”

March will be a busy month, as representatives of CRH will be available to speak with you at 4 conferences around the country next month.

I’ll be in New Orleans for the ACG/LGS Regional Postgraduate Course on the weekend of March 7th, then Dr. Andy Gorchynsky will be in Chicago on 3/15 at ASGE’s GI Bleeding Toolbox hand on workshop. I’ll also be in Boston the following weekend at the GI Roundtable, and representatives will be in Bonita Springs at the ACG/FGS Regional Postgraduate Course on the weekend of 3/28.

As always, we look forward to seeing our existing Partners at these conferences as well as to meet people interested in adopting these techniques into their practices. Please come by the booths and say “hello”!

New videos online!

CRH has produced a new series tutorial videos which address a few frequently asked questions. These videos can be found at We have a couple of more videos currently in the works, so if you have any specific topics which you’d like discussed in future releases, please let ME know!

Thanks again for checking out this month’s “Banding Bulletin”! I hope that we’ll “talk” to you at one of our webinars or conferences, and we’ll be back to you in March. Thanks for your continued interest, and please let us know if there is anything that we can do for you.



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