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Banding Bulletin – June 2021

Many practices are seeing a surge in patient demand from the long backlog that developed during the past year. With this in mind, this month we are going to introduce a new program, called BandLeader designed to help you see more hemorrhoid patients while investing less of your staff’s time, and pass along some tips and tricks to increase efficiency in your office caring for your anorectal patients.

Banding Bulletin – Dec 2020

A discussion on fistulas-in-ano, announcement of a new CRH Anesthesia acquisition in Florida and we wish you a safe and happy New Year!

Banding Bulletin – Oct 2020

How to connect with CRH O'Regan and CRH Anesthesia at the ACG Virtual Meeting. Book a Zoom meeting, drop by our booth or send us an email.

Banding Bulletin – May 2020

FAQ's and best practices for caring for patients during COVID-19.

Banding Bulletin – March 2020

Colon Cancer Awareness Month, Patient Questionnaire, Anoscopy vs. Colonoscopy & Upcoming Events

Banding Bulletin – October 2019

New clinical resources and a new case study!

Banding Bulletin – September 2019

New training resources, recently published hemorrhoid articles and an update on CRH Anesthesia.

Banding Bulletin – June 2019

We address a couple of the FAQs we received at DDW, and reference three recently published papers that are relevant to these topics.

Banding Bulletin – April 2019

Tips for maximizing efficiency and effectiveness as well as patient satisfaction.

Banding Bulletin – September 2018

Educational Resources, “Tips and Tricks”, Upcoming ACG National Meeting, CRH Anesthesia Announcement

Banding Bulletin – July 2018

FAQs, Annual Survey, Webinar and CRH Anesthesia

Banding Bulletin – May 2018

Advanced Practitioners, Efficient Evaluation and Management of Anorectal Patients, Training Sessions.

Banding Bulletin – March 2018

How to Handle Patient Calls, CRH Anesthesia Video and Spring Conference Schedule

Banding Bulletin – February 2018

Avoiding Phone Calls, Watch the NEW Video from CRH Anesthesia, CRH Medical App

Banding Bulletin – January 2018

Clinical Pearls and Suggested New Year's Resolutions.

Banding Bulletin – November 2017

CRH Anesthesia Interview in Becker’s ASC Review, Case Presentation, We’d love to visit with you!

Banding Bulletin – October 2017

Case Presentation, CRH Anesthesia News, Visit us at the ACG in Orlando.

Banding Bulletin – August 2017

Journal Piece and ASGE Video, The Annual CRH Medical Survey, We Would Love to Visit You!, CRH on the Road, CMS Proposed Reimbursement Changes for GI Anesthesia

Banding Bulletin – May 2017

Anticoagulants, New Clinical Support Specialist, DDW information, CRH Medical app and CRH Anesthesia

Banding Bulletin – April 2017

Managing Patients with Incomplete Clinical Responses, CRH Smartphone App and CRH Anesthesia Management Update

Banding Bulletin – February 2017

Global Surgery Data Collection Rule, Anesthesia and Endoscopy, CRH Coming to a Conference Near You!

Banding Bulletin – November 2016

The New Ligator, Increasing Your Efficiency, The CRH App, CRH Anesthesia, Happy Thanksgiving!

Banding Bulletin – October 2016

New Ligator, CRH Anesthesia, ACG and ACS

Banding Bulletin – July 2016

The New O'Regan System, New Videos, Training Sessions, Webinars

Banding Bulletin – June 2016

The New CRH O'Regan System, Training and Refresher Sessions

Banding Bulletin – May 2016

NEW CRH O'Regan System and May Conference Schedule

Banding Bulletin – February 2016

Colonoscopy Cuts, Tax on Hold, New O'Regan, MKSAP VIII, Webinars

Banding Bulletin – December 2015

Case Study, On the Road, Coming Attractions

Banding Bulletin – September 2015

ICD-10 Codes, NYSE, On the Road

Banding Bulletin – June 2015

Skin Tags, External Hemorrhoids, and Training Sessions

Banding Bulletin – May 2015

Anticoagulants and DDW

Banding Bulletin – March 2015

New App, Going on the Road

Banding Bulletin – December 2014

Report on the past year, Happy Holidays!

Banding Bulletin – November 2014

Case Study, Medsense, Thanksgiving!

Banding Bulletin – October 2014

Case Study, Upcoming Schedule

Banding Bulletin – September 2014

Anticoagulants, Webinars, and Survey Results

Banding Bulletin – June 2014

Welcome Dr. Kaufman, treating patients in a hospital, upcoming webinars

Banding Bulletin – April 2014

April Webinars, Case Study, OBP Anospec, Upcoming Meetings

Banding Bulletin – February 2014

Webinars, "On the Road Again", and new tutorial videos

Banding Bulletin – December 2013

Enhancements to training program, diagnosing hemorrhoids through colonoscopy, happy holidays!

Banding Bulletin – November 2013

Happy Thanksgiving, Expanded Training, Case Study

Banding Bulletin – October 2013

Conference Schedule, Educational Resources, Got T-Shirts?

Banding Bulletin – August 2013

CRH Survey, Case Study - Post-banding Pain

Banding Bulletin – June 2013

New Paper, ASGE DVD, ACG Universe Videos, Case Study

Banding Bulletin – May 2013

Case Study, Educational Resources, DDW

Banding Bulletin – April 2013

Refresher Training, Mid-Level Providers, Upcoming Conferences

Banding Bulletin – February 2013

New Tutorial Series, Tips for Happy Patients, Upcoming Conferences

Banding Bulletin – December 2012

Case Study, Advertising Treatment, Top Health Trend on Google

Banding Bulletin – November 2012

End of Year Rush, Case Study, Happy Thanksgiving!

Banding Bulletin – September 2012

Case Study, New Website, Upcoming Conferences

Banding Bulletin – July 2012

Case Study, Operational Tip

Banding Bulletin – June 2012

New Educational Resources, Fellowship Training Programs & Gut Clubs

Banding Bulletin – May 2012

DDW, Annual Survey, Clinical Tip - One At A Time

Banding Bulletin – March 2012

Upcoming Meetings, New Paper, Anoscopy

Banding Bulletin – February 2012

New 3 Minute Video, Case Study

Banding Bulletin – December 2011

Gut Clubs & Fellowship Programs, Clinical Tip, Ancillary Support

Banding Bulletin – October – 2011

ACG, Clinical Tip, Training Sessions & Marketing Material

Banding Bulletin – September 2011

EndoEconomics Article, Patient Leads from Web, Conferences

Banding Bulletin – June 2011

OB/GYN Referrals, Website Updates, Grand Rounds

Banding Bulletin – April 2011

DDW, Training Sessions, Clinical Forms, Practice Profiles

Banding Bulletin – March 2011

CRH Survey Feedback, Integrating Hemorrhoid Treatment (Dr. Bob Ganz)

Banding Bulletin – January 2011

Clinical Forms, Clinical Tip - Fissures, Ordering Product

Banding Bulletin – November 2010

Practice Profiles, Iain Cleator Manuscript, Training Resources

Banding Bulletin – September 2010

Clinical Resources, Billing Tips

Banding Bulletin – July 2010

CRH Partnership Program Video, Marketing 101, Clinical FAQ

Banding Bulletin – May 2010

DDW, SIG, Helpful Hints, Resources

Banding Bulletin – April 2010

Visit Us at DDW, Marketing 101, Helpful Hints

Banding Bulletin – March 2010

EndoEconomics Article, Online Ordering, By The Numbers, Referrals

Banding Bulletin – February 2010

New Clinical Paper, Partner Feedback

Banding Bulletin – January 2010

Clinical Resources, Refresher Trainings, Front Office Trainings

Banding Bulletin – December 2009

Company Update, Physician Testimonial

Banding Bulletin – December 07 2009

ACG San Diego, Expanded Training, Newest GI Partners

Banding Bulletin – November 2009

New Article - Healthcare Reform

Banding Bulletin – October 2009

New Board Member, New Website, Newest GI Partners

Banding Bulletin – August 2009

Welcome to the first edition of the CRH O’Regan System Banding Bulletin!

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