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CRH BandWagon – July 2021

Thank you for tuning into this issue of the CRH BandWagon. This month, we will discuss capacity as patient numbers increase and introduce our new turnkey practice support program, CRH BandLeader.

CRH Bandwagon – November 2019

This edition discusses end of year deductibles and suggestions for ways you can allocate your budget to grow hemorrhoid banding.

CRH Bandwagon – July 2019

Insights surrounding patient recall and reimbursement from our recent physician survey.

CRH Bandwagon – January 2019

Raising awareness at health fairs, external symptoms, and our contest winner!

PS Newsletter- January 2018

Health Fair Tips & Tricks, CRC Awareness Month, New T-Shirt Slogan Contest

PS Newsletter- November 2017

NEW Marketing Materials, End of Year Rush, Hemorrhoid Banding in 2018

PS Newsletter- September 2017

NEW Patient Recruitment Letter, Training for New or Existing Physicians, Contest

PS Newsletter – June 2017

Patient discussion and new videos.

PS Newsletter – April 2017

Physician Feedback from our Annual Survey and Updated Clinical Forms

PS Newsletter – February 2017

Internal vs. External Hemorrhoids, Hemorrhoid Banding Call Script, CMS Changes to Tracking Post-Op Visits

PS Newsletter – June 2016

Scheduling patients, Garnering feedback from patients

PS Newsletter – February 2016

Colon Cancer Awareness, Can Banding Treat Pain?, This Month's Contest

PS Newsletter – January 2016

New Ad Templates, Anorectal Health Questionnaire, Contest

PS Newsletter – November 2015

End of Year Rush, Feedback From a Physician, Contest

PS Newsletter – September 2015

ICD-10, Webinar, FAQ - Enemas, Contest

PS Newsletter – May 2015

Patient Tracking, Pre-Loading Bands

PS Newsletter – March 2015

Health Fairs, Expected Results, This Month's Contest

PS Newsletter – January 2015

Colon Cancer Awareness, New Ordering Site, Staff Webinar

PS Newsletter – November 2014

Staff Training, Next Year's Budget, Deductibles

PS Newsletter – October 2014

Medsense, Incorporating Banding into your Practice

PS Newsletter – September 2014

Billing, Training New Physicians, ACG

PS Newsletter – August 2014

Annual Survey, Contest

PS Newsletter – July 2014

Reimbursement changes for colonoscopy, T-shirts

PS Newsletter – June 2014

Interview with an Office Manager

PS Newsletter – April 2014

OBP anocopes, handling after hours calls

PS Newsletter – March 2014

Colon cancer awareness and hemorrhoids, communicating the procedure

PS Newsletter – February 2014

Ensuring patients with symptoms receive treatment, using our marketing materials

PS Newsletter – December 2013

Practice spotlight, increase awareness in your community

PS Newsletter – September 2013

Hemorrhoid patient recall, press releases, ACG

PS Newsletter – June 2013

Want to maximize banding capacity? Look at your existing patient scheduling...

PS Newsletter – May 2013

Overcoming the stigma of hemorrhoids, new marketing materials, DDW

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