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The GI Issue Affecting 10.4M Americans

eHealth Radio Network

Dr. Jay Diliberto and eHealth Radio Network host Eric Michaels discuss the prevalence of hemorrhoids and the impact of Dr. Diliberto incorporating hemorrhoid banding into his practice. Listen to the...

Gastroenterology Practice Expands Patient Care with Hemorrhoid Banding: A Case Study

Dr. Ronald Markos

Dr. Ronald Markos recognized the negative impact a lack of hemorrhoid treatment options had on his patients and the greater healthcare system, but did not have the tools necessary to...

Hemorrhoid Disease and the Role of the Gastroenterologist

Gastroenterology & Endoscopy News

Until recently, symptomatic hemorrhoids have been mostly managed with ointments/creams or by surgeons. Dr. Waqar Qureshi, Professor of Medicine and Clinical Director of Gastroenterology at Baylor College of Medicine, explains...

VIDEO: Dr. Lanre Jimoh Talks Hemorrhoids on NBC Charlotte

NBC Charlotte

Hemorrhoids. They affect 50% of the population by age 50, but no one wants to talk about them! Dr. Lanre Jimoh, a gastroenterologist based in Charlotte, NC, discusses the causes...

A Value-Based Approach: How Applying New Methods to Hemorrhoid Treatment Is a First Step Towards Industry-Wide Change

Physicians Weekly

Symptomatic hemorrhoid diagnosis and treatment costs the US over $2B per year. Even more startling is that 60% of this cost is associated with diagnosis without treatment, meaning many patients...

Dr. J. Mark Provenza: Adding revenue streams to GI practices

Beckers ASC Review

Many gastroenterology practices today seek ancillary revenue streams, helping them to remain competitive, attract new patients and provide more comprehensive care. In an interview with Becker’s ASC Review, Dr. Mark...

The “Orphan” Condition Costing the Healthcare Industry $Billions per year

Healthcare Business Today

A core principle of value-based healthcare is to reduce unnecessary or ineffective procedures: allowing patients to more quickly and cost-effectively find definitive relief for their conditions. One condition that is...

VIDEO: Neglecting Hemorrhoids Comes at a Cost


Hemorrhoids may be a common complaint in gastroenterology, but the scale on which they burden patients and the healthcare system has long been largely ignored. In this video, Dr. David...

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