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A simple, turn-key hemorrhoid banding service that can actually help grow your practice?

BandLeader™ is the Answer

A simple, turn-key hemorrhoid banding service that can actually help grow your practice?

BandLeader™ is the Answer

Introducing BandLeader, the simple, turn-key hemorrhoid banding service tailored to grow your practice.

You, and many of your patients, already know and love the benefits of the O’Regan® hemorrhoid banding system. BandLeader is a turn-key program designed to allow you to offer this proven service with minimal effort or investment. With BandLeader, we thoroughly analyze your practice before creating a business plan that quantifies the opportunity and provides a clear road map for success. We then manage the entire process from patient acquisition and screening, to scheduling and ongoing support.

More Patients

The market for hemorrhoid treatment continues to grow, in part due to the prevalence of hemorrhoid diseases and increase in preference of young adults for definitive hemorrhoid relief rather than drugs or ointments. BandLeader utilizes EMR data and proactive outreach to identify, and educate patients within your practice while simultaneously driving new demand to your clinic.

More Revenue

Whether the O’Regan System is new to your practice, or an existing treatment option, with BandLeader, your practice will gain a new or enhanced, high-margin ancillary service. BandLeader, will not only increase your conversion of diagnosed to treated patients but also drive new patients needing lifetime care.

More Time

With BandLeader, we do all of the work upfront: from identifying existing patients within your EMR, driving new patients to your practice through digital marketing, TO symptomatic screening, capturing patient information and scheduling appointments. This allows you and your staff to focus on doing what you do best – caring for patients.

How BandLeader Works

Develop the Opportunity Roadmap

Whether hemorrhoid treatment is a new or existing service line, we conduct a thorough analysis of the hemorrhoid diagnosis and treatment opportunity in your practice before creating a business plan that outlines the opportunity, presents recommendations for both short- and long-term growth, provides real financial projections and a clear, actionable road map for success.

Identification & Outreach

The BandLeader program begins with activating and educating existing patients, while simultaneously driving new patients to your practice. We have developed an outreach process and tool to identify and qualify patients based on EMR data. We also use digital marketing to reach new patients and grow brand awareness.

Screen & Educate

Our systematic approach serves to both screen and educate patients, as 65% of patients have never heard of hemorrhoid banding before speaking with us. Our expert patient advisors handle incoming and outgoing patient calls to screen for symptoms and provide information on hemorrhoid banding as a treatment option.

Schedule & Handoff

When a patient who is interested in booking an appointment is identified, we capture all relevant information before making the live transfer to your practice to schedule treatment.

Ongoing Support

In addition to ongoing patient screening and identification, we provide you with continuous reporting and analytics on how BandLeader is performing in your practice, as well as all of the tools, training and support you need to be successful.

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