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Banding Bulletin – January 2010

Banding Bulletin – January 2010

I hope you enjoyed some time off over the holidays and are excited for the New Year. I wanted to give you a quick update regarding the additional support resources now available from CRH and then allow you to read the 2nd half of Dr. Neal Osborn’s article that we shared last month.

  1. New Clinical Resources: We have had a number of questions regarding the coding and billing for the various encounters that you might have with each of your patients and requests for a resource to share with “cross covering” physicians. To make this information easily accessible we have created a “Super-Bill” containing the most frequently utilized ICD-9 and CPT codes that we encounter and a new “Clinical Fact Sheet for Patients S/P Hemorrhoid Ligation” to share with your colleagues. Both documents are now available on our website in the “clinical forms” section. For additional coding and billing questions, please contact Sarah Standley.
  2. Follow-up Training: We have received a terrific response from a number of “follow-up training” sessions that we have been holding, and would like to make these sessions more readily available to all of our Partners across the country. These sessions are available at no cost to you – your only obligation would be to assemble a sufficient number of patients for the session. To schedule a follow-up training session please contact Shaun Gerrits.
  3. Front Office Staff Training: In addition to our on-site training, front office phone training is now available to help your receptionists and/or appointment schedulers understand the CRH O’Regan System and be prepared to answer patient questions. Training is typically less than 30 minutes and is conducted via teleconference. Sessions can be scheduled by contacting Kelley Mamelson.
  4. Facebook: We are very excited to announce we are now on Facebook! See what we have been up to by becoming a fan!
  5. NYSGE: If you didn’t see us live in NY you can now watch a short video of our live demonstration.

And last but not least, to read the complete article by Dr. Neal Osborn at Atlanta Gastro regarding the adoption of the CRH O’Regan System in the GI practice, click here. If you have an article you would like to have published in our Banding Bulletin, please contact Alicia Johnson.

Remember, CRH is offering all of the operational help that you might require, so you may benefit from the experience gained at our Centers for Colorectal Health.

Please let us know how we can help to support you and your practices moving forward — whether it be for training, consultation, operational, billing/coding or marketing support — we are here to help in any way we can! Please let me know if any of your colleagues might like to come online with us and we will be happy to schedule a session with them.

Best regards,


Mitchel Guttenplan, MD, FACS

Medical Director

CRH Medical Products Corporation

T: 800.660.2153 x1022 | C: 770.363.0125 | F: 770.475.9953

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