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Banding Bulletin – June 2012

Banding Bulletin – June 2012

We hope that this month’s edition of the Banding Bulletin finds you well!  This month, I’d like to offer a “recap” of some of the topics recently covered and direct you to some of the new training resources which are now available in an effort to help you with the anorectal portion of your practice. We also want to thank everyone that visited us in San Diego for DDW, and ask how we might be able to better serve and support you.

New Educational Resources Available!

We are happy to direct you to some new resources available on the “Clinical Forms”  page of our website!  In addition to our patient information materials, practice management resources, Clinical Pearls, Billing FAQs, Information Sheet for Cross-Covering Physicians, etc., we now have our “Didactic Syllabus” available which is an overview of the information provided during our didactic presentation.  We encourage everyone to review this prior to one of our visits.

The information noted above can be supplemented by a paper which we wrote with Bob Ganz and which describes the rationale behind much of what we do.  We’ve had a number of requests to have our didactic material available in a lecture format available for review — and the ACG Universe actually has this material up and ready to watch.  If you haven’t had a chance to utilize this resource, you can create an account at  I would direct you to 3 specific videos that are currently available, and you can search for each of these pieces from the Universe front page:

• “Anorectal Diseases:  Shining a Light at the End of the Tunnel — Lawrence J. Brandt from the ACG Regional Meeting in Las Vegas, NV.
• “In-Office Treatment of Hemorrhoids and Fissures” — Mitchel Guttenplan from the ACG annual meeting in San Antonio
• “Hemorrhoidal Therapy” — Harry Sarles, from the ACG Hands-On Workshop in San Antonio

Dr. Brandt’s presentation is accompanied by the opportunity to receive CME credit.  There is no CME credit available for the other two, but even if the AMA isn’t impressed by you watching my lecture — my grandmother would have been SO proud!!

Fellowship Training Programs & Gut Clubs

We have been very grateful for the reception that we’ve received from delivering our didactic presentations at Grand Rounds, Gut Clubs, etc. around the country, and we would love to come to your Program or Group to do the same for you!  The material is presented in a very “non-proprietary” manner, and while we are excited at the prospect of introducing our technology to you, the goal of our lectures is to make you more comfortable with the non surgical treatment of anorectal disorders.  Dr. Jack Di Palma of the University of South Alabama in Mobile had published a paper describing the value of these presentations to his fellowship program, and we’d love to continue these efforts moving forward.

As always, thanks for your continued interest and support — Andy Gorchynsky and I are always available to address any questions that you might have — so please let us know if we can help in any way!

Best regards,


Mitchel Guttenplan, MD, FACS
Medical Director
CRH Medical Corporation
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