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Banding Bulletin – March 2021

Banding Bulletin – March 2021

CRH Expands Training and Support Resources:

We are constantly looking to expand and improve our educational and training programs, making certain that each of you has whatever resources you need in order to give your patients the finest possible care.  We are always looking to work with “new” Providers, but also want to support previous trainees as fully as possible.  Over the past year, one of the things that we have learned, is the value of utilizing videoconferencing services to address questions and to provide consultative help.  After a brief trial, we’ve had enough positive feedback that we are going to incorporate these technologies into our training routine.  So, for any providers that are to be trained moving forward, here is a brief summary of our training process:

  • Initial Training: A 1-hour didactic presentation followed by a “hands-on” banding session at your practice.  One of CRH’s surgeons will travel to your office or ASC to work with you and your staff to help you to launch this new part of your practice.
  • “Follow-up Session: 2-3 weeks after the initial training, CRH will send one of our “Clinical Support Specialist” nurses to your practice to assist with another round of banding. We have found this session to be critical in helping our partners gain confidence and proficiency in the procedure, and to reinforce the messaging provided during your initial training.
  • “Zoom” Video Conference Call:  1-2 months after the “follow-up” session, a brief videoconference  with one of our surgeons will be set up.  In these sessions, we can address early questions, provide consultative support on individual cases, reinforce technical tips and tricks, etc.  Frankly, we’ve found that questions often don’t really pop up until the practitioner has seen a number of patients through their course of treatment.  Having a set time to have these discussions assures that any needed information can be passed on to our banding “Partners”.

All of the above is in addition to our longstanding offer of “24/7” Consultative Support; On-site or “virtual” “Refresher Sessions”; Educational Webinars (see below); Banding Bulletins (such as this); Front and Back-office Support; Practice-building help; Marketing Support and so much more!  If you could benefit from any or all of these measures, please let ME know and we’ll get you on our calendar or have your Account Manager contact you ASAP.

Webinar Series Continues on Tuesday, March 9th:

Our webinar series will continue next Tuesday, with sessions at 12N PST/ 3P EST; 2P PST/ 5P EST and 4P PST/ 7P EST.  The topics will include “Tricks of the Trade” and FAQ’s submitted by attendees.  If you are interested in participating, you can register HERE and contact ME if you’d like specific topics covered.  We look forward to “seeing” you there!

CRH Anesthesia Continues to Expand!:

The past few months have been particularly busy for CRH Anesthesia, as agreements have been reached in GA, NJ and NC, now having participated in 32 acquisitions, providing anesthesia services in 70 ASC’s in 14 states!  Our anesthesia team continues to grow, and we’d love the opportunity to speak with you if you’d like to learn more about the opportunities that you and your group can benefit from.  CRH Anesthesia can work with groups that:

  • Currently have their own anesthesia service and would like to improve their financial performance as well as to realize some of the equity that’s been built up in that service
  • Currently outsource their anesthesia and would like to bring this program “in-house”
  • Currently only offer conscious sedation and would like to build a deep sedation program.

Please contact ME if this is of interest to you, and I will put you in-touch with CRH Anesthesia’s business development team.

Thank you so much for checking out this Bulletin!  Please let me know if we can help with anything, and I hope to catch up with you soon. 

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