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Banding Bulletin – October 2009

Banding Bulletin – October 2009

Please Join Me In Welcoming Dr. Gene Overholt to The CRH Board of Directors!

As you may know, Dr. Overholt designed the flexible fiberoptic sigmoidoscope, which subsequently led to development of colonoscopy. His work in outpatient endoscopy led to the development of the first licensed and certified endoscopic ambulatory surgery center in the U.S. He is a former President of both the American Society for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and the American Society of Outpatient Surgeons.

Commenting on his appointment, Dr. Overholt said, “It is a true honor to serve as a member of the CRH Board of Directors and to participate in shaping the growth of a vibrant company. I look forward to the opportunity.” Added Overholt, “One of my goals will be to encourage wide spread use of the CRH O’Regan SystemTM as it represents a significant opportunity for all gastroenterologists to improve patient care, satisfaction and quality of life while broadening their practices.”

The New CRH Consumer Website is LIVE!

We have made huge strides in reinforcing our brand identity among hemorrhoid sufferers and medical professionals across the country with more than 16,000 potential patients coming to our website every day – this makes us even more excited to announce the new and improved CRH O’Regan SystemTM Website:

As you will see, the site has been redesigned to focus specifically on hemorrhoid and CRH O’Regan SystemTM education; in addition, it is much easier for potential patients to find a nearby physician that offers the System. With the additional online marketing activities we have added to support our partner physicians, we are looking forward to a rapid increase in the number of visitors each month!

If you have already posted your practice profile to the old site, it has been transferred to the new site. For those of you who have yet to post your profile, this is a perfect opportunity to start participating as we will be supporting this launch with various marketing and public relations activities this month. Please contact Alicia Johnson (800.660.2153 x1024) for any issues regarding the new website.

Join Us at ACG San Diego – Live “Learning Sessions” Will Be Conducted!

If you are planning to be at the Annual ACG Scientific Meeting in San Diego this month, please come by our exhibit booth: #2012 – and say hi! I will also be conducting several live didactic “Learning Sessions” over the course of 3 days. The schedule is below:

Sunday, October 25th: 1pm; 3pm and 5pm

Monday, October 26th: 10am; 12pm and 3pm

Tuesday, October 27th: 10am; 12pm and 3pm

Do You Have a Regional Meeting or “Gut Club” coming up?

CRH is Happy to Sponsor It!

Please let us know what events you have coming up. We would be happy to sponsor a “lunch and learn” to help keep you and your colleagues up to speed on advancements with the CRH O’Regan System. Please email your requests with date, time, location, approximate number of attendees and sponsorship fee to

Welcome to CRH! Meet Our Newest GI Partners!

We have recently trained over 40 physicians in 13 states in the last 2 months including the following:

Medical Specialty Clinic PC, Jackson, TN

The Center for GI Health, Sellersville, PA

Metro GI – Washington, Washington, DC

Gastro Specialists VA, Richmond, VA

New Tampa GI, Tampa, FL

Palo Alto Medical Foundation, Palo Alto, CA

Temecula Valley Digestive Disease Consultants, Murrieta, CA

New West Physicians, Golden, CO

GI Consultants, Reno, NV and Carson City, NV

Southwest Gastro Clinic, Burleson, TX

Tri-Cities Endoscopy, Kennewick, WA

GI Associates – Baton Rouge, Baton Rouge, LA

If you would like to be listed in our next addition, let me know!

100% Disposable and Single Use – Minimal discomfort. Maximal safety.

You may have recently read about the infectious diseases being spread through the in-appropriate use of medication and devices. Rest assured that the single use and disposable CRH O’Regan SystemTM is not only comfortable for your patients, it is safe and eliminates the risk of transferring infectious diseases (such as HIV and hepatitis B and C) from patient to patient.

Training and Support Resources

Remember, if you or your practice have any clinical questions/concerns, are ready to expand your practice by having additional doctors trained, or simply want a refresher course for yourself, please do not hesitate to contact me. If your practice needs help with any other resources, below is a quick reference to the departments that are here to support you:


Make sure patients looking for treatment can find you! If you have not already done so, please contact Alicia Johnson (800.660.2153 x1029) today so that she can coordinate your addition to our new website, and help you build your practice using our printed materials …all… “free of charge!

Product Ordering:

Don’t be caught empty-handed. Make sure you keep plenty of product on-hand to help reduce expenses incurred by Express Shipping. If you ever have questions about your orders, please do not hesitate to contact Deborah Cotter (800.660.2153 x1011).

Contracting and Billing:

Our contracting and billing department is available to provide assistance dealing with third party payers as it pertains to the CRH treatment protocols, obtaining maximum reimbursement and to help your staff with any coding and billing issues that may arise. Please contact Sarah Standley (800.660.2153 x1029).

I look forward to seeing you in San Diego and/or speaking with you soon!

Best regards,


Mitchel Guttenplan, MD, FACS

Medical Director

CRH Medical Products Corporation

T: 800.660.2153 x1022 | C: 770.363.0125 | F: 770.475.9953

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