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Banding Bulletin – October – 2011

Banding Bulletin – October – 2011

We hope that this month’s edition of the “Banding Bulletin” finds you well! In this edition, we’d like to invite you to visit us at ACG’s annual meeting in Washington, DC, and provide you with some clinical information to address a few questions that we’ve received in the last few weeks. We’d also like to encourage you to take full advantage of the marketing materials made available for you and your practice at no cost, as well as to consider having us visit your Center for a “refresher” session in the near future.

Annual Meeting of the ACG:

This year’s ACG meeting is going to be held in Washington, DC from Sunday October 28th through Tuesday November 1st, and CRH will be there in full force. We’ll be in the Exhibition Center at booth #511 during the exhibitors’ hours on Sunday through Tuesday. We’d like to invite you to stop by and say “hello”. Andy and I will be there to address any questions that you may have and provide any additional information that you might find helpful. We’ll also have Shaun, Jessica and Jennifer there to help you with marketing materials, billing/coding questions, etc.

If you are considering the addition of these procedures to your practice, we’ll be happy to describe our technology, techniques, and our training/support programs to you. In addition, our technology will be demonstrated and featured in the ACG Hands-On Workshop Center on Sunday October 30th @ 3:45pm – 6:45pm and on Monday October 31st @ 10:00am – 1:15pm.

Travel safely, and we hope to see you there!

Clinical Tip – How Much to Band at a Single Visit:

We have received a number of questions regarding our practice of limiting treatment to one hemorrhoidal column at a setting. There is some controversy in the literature regarding how many hemorrhoids to treat at one time, and patients will often request having more done at a single visit in order to minimize the number of times that they will need to follow up with you. The issue governing these recommendations is simply our desire to minimize post-treatment complications! A review of the literature clearly demonstrates that the more “work” that is done on a given patient, the higher the risk of complications. The only controversy is regarding what is deemed to be an “acceptable” level of complications!

Use of the CRH O’Regan SystemTM in treating symptomatic hemorrhoids, when treating a single column of hemorrhoids at a time, results in a complication rate of roughly 1%, and the complications include pain or bleeding from the banding site. Comparing these numbers with those of other treatment techniques (including other banding techniques), the CRH O’Regan SystemTM affords you the most impressive safety profile available! If you were to treat more than one column of hemorrhoids at a setting, the complication rate has been shown to jump to at least 6%, and the complications begin to include such entities as urinary retention. While these numbers are still quite impressive relative to other treatments available, we choose to do whatever we can in order to minimize patient complaints — so we band a single column at a setting! Should you require any additional information regarding this, or if you’d like the necessary literature citations, please let me know — a host of supporting literature is also housed on our website.

Initial Trainings, “Refresher” sessions, Marketing Materials Assistance:

For those of you not attending the ACG, we would still like to hear from you in order to see if we can help you to maximize your patient results as well as to see how we can help you to make these procedures a more significant part of your overall practice. To that end, we would encourage you to contact us in order to get on our calendar, as we typically are booking our visits out 4 to 6 weeks, and our experience tells us that our training calendar will fill up rapidly after the ACG! We currently have a few open dates left at the end of November, and then into December, so please contact ME right away and we will try to confirm a date at your earliest convenience. Jennifer Syrnyk is also available to help each of you with your marketing needs — we have a host of materials that are available to you at no cost, and we were thrilled to learn that last month, our website was the source for almost 2,000 new patients for our Partner Physicians! Being listed on our website has proven to be a valuable source of new patients for our Partners, and as many of these patients require colonoscopies or other procedures in addition to their hemorrhoid care — the website has been a great way for you to help build your practice!

As always, thanks again for your support! Please feel free to contact Andy or me if we can help with anything. Take care, and we hope to see you in D.C.!



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Medical Director

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