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Banding Bulletin – October 2016

Banding Bulletin – October 2016

Here’s hoping that this edition of the “Banding Bulletin” finds you well! In this piece, we want to bring you up to date on our conference schedule, and make sure that you are aware of all of the “tips and tricks” we recommend in order to take full advantage of the new, upgraded CRH O’Regan System! We’d also like to briefly update you on our growing anesthesia partnership program (CRH Anesthesia)!

The NEW CRH O’Regan System

CRH is continuing to roll out the new, upgraded CRH O’Regan System, which incorporates several technological advancements, including:

• A new, integrated obturator, making insertion of the device MUCH easier, particularly in male patients and patients with a lot of spasm present

• An “anti-pinch” feature which provides an additional layer of safety and comfort for the patient

• A feature to make it easier to unlock the plunger if you’d like to adjust the depth of the ligator before deploying the band

The actual dimensions of the “business end” of the ligator remains unchanged, as does the amount of suction generated by the device. While the basic technique is the same as with the previous version, there ARE a few subtle “tips and tricks” that will make life easier for everyone using the new technology. We published a short video describing these changes when the new device was launched, and it can be found on our website by clicking on the following link:


We’d also love the opportunity to visit each of our Partners in order to demonstrate these changes in person. While we’re there we would be happy to answer any questions that have been building up or see if there’s anything we can do to help your practice in any way.

If that visit is difficult to schedule, then please consider having us set up a time for a video conference in order to check in with you, or try to sign up for one of our upcoming webinars that will be taking place in a few weeks (invitations to this will be coming soon!).

Please also feel free to email, call or text ME at any time if any questions pop up, if you need any additional information, or if we can help in any way! We look forward to having you on our calendar soon!

CRH Anesthesia Continues to Grow!

This summer, CRH Anesthesia was very proud to announce several partnerships with practices in Boston, Austin and Denver. We are now providing anesthesia for roughly 180,000 cases per year across 7 states.

CRH is looking to further expand our footprint in a couple of ways. If you do not currently offer anesthesia services, or you outsource those services to a 3rd party, we would like to partner with you to setup an “in-house” service. If you already have an internal anesthesia program and would like to monetize some of the equity that you’ve built up, we’d love to speak with you to see if a partnership might make sense.

If you are interested in learning more about some of the options available to you, please contact JESSICA DIDUCH or ME and we can start the process.

ACG and ACS are Just Around the Corner!

It’s October, and CRH will be at both the ACG in Las Vegas, and ACS in Washington, DC. I’ll be in Las Vegas, along with a crew that includes Jay Kreger, President of CRH Anesthesia, to support you with the CRH O’Regan System as well as to be available to discuss the benefits of partnering with us for your anesthesia program. Dr. Andy Gorchynsky will be in Washington to do the same.

For those of you who would like to review some of the tips and tricks that we recommend when using the CRH technology, please contact ME and we can set up a convenient time to meet during the conference. If you’re unable to commit to a time, we’ll be at booth #511 at ACG and #910 at ACS.

For those of you who are new to CRH and interested in learning more about our technology, techniques, and associated treatment protocols, please let ME know and we’ll get some information to you. If you would like to proceed, we’ll be happy to set up a training session at your office, and help you to bring these procedures to your practice.

Thanks again for checking into this edition of the “Banding Bulletin”. Safe travels if you are heading to one of these conferences and we’ll talk to you soon!


Mitchel Guttenplan, MD, FACS
Medical Director
CRH Medical Corporation
C: 770.363.0125 F: 770.475.9953

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