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Banding Bulletin – October 2019

Banding Bulletin – October 2019

New Clinical Resource Available:

We are often asked whether there are any good reference materials available covering anorectal disease, particularly materials geared towards non-surgeons. I’m happy to announce that this month, a new text edited by Dr. Waqar Qureshi from Baylor in Houston is being released, entitled “Diagnosis and Management Guide for Anorectal Disease: A Clinical Reference”. Full disclosure…my late grandmother’s favorite doctor wrote the chapter on anal fissures, for which I’m told I will get a free copy of the book, and while he doesn’t know it, Dr. Qureshi will be buying the drinks the next time I see him. The book is now available for purchase online and elsewhere.

On a related note, with hemorrhoids and hemorrhoid banding becoming a more commonly covered topic in healthcare news, CRH has added a “News” section to our website! This is a great resource for a quick snapshot of the latest articles and videos covering hemorrhoids and perianal care.

New Case Study!

Check out a brand-new case study featuring The Center for GI Health, a gastroenterology practice located in Pennsylvania. Dr. Ron Markos, a GI at this practice, provides his perspective on a common frustration for gastroenterologists – lacking adequate treatment options and training for patients presenting with hemorrhoid symptoms – and discusses how his practice has solved that issue. The study illustrates the impact hemorrhoid banding has had on both improving patient satisfaction and practice growth.

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