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CRH BandWagon – April 2021

CRH BandWagon – April 2021

The Best Kept Secret in Hemorrhoid Treatment

As we all know, patient education and screening are of the utmost importance in identifying beneficial treatment options for our patients. Our recent survey of over 1000 patients shows that a widespread lack of education presents a large barrier in patients seeking treatment for their symptomatic hemorrhoids. Ensuring patients are well informed on their diagnoses and treatment options can often mean the difference between that patient seeking treatment or continuing to suffer with their condition.

Hemorrhoid Patient Survey Key Findings

Our survey found that 49% of patients had been suffering with symptomatic hemorrhoids for more than a year, with 22% suffering for more than 5 years. With an average age of only 43 amongst these patients, that number becomes even more significant.

Above: see the length of symptoms for patients who have symptomatic hemorrhoids

Our survey also found that while 90% of the patients who had symptomatic hemorrhoids had tried other treatments for their hemorrhoids, only 36% of these patients had ever heard of hemorrhoid banding.

Above: While 90% of patients with symptomatic hemorrhoids had tried other treatments, only 36% had previously been educated on hemorrhoid banding.

What Can You Do?

  1. Add our patient questionnaire to your intake paperwork: This will help you identify symptomatic patients who may benefit from hemorrhoid treatment. Relying on patients to connect their symptoms to hemorrhoids can lead to a missed diagnosis.
  2. Remember that patients are embarrassed, and largely unaware that minimally invasive definitive treatment options such as hemorrhoid banding exist! Therefore, it is important to ask your patients if they are suffering with hemorrhoids, even if they do not bring it up first.
  3. Ask us about our free customized banners and marketing/patient education materials to place in your waiting area, this raises awareness and helps encourage patients to inquire about treatment.
  4. Leverage your existing EMR data to identify hemorrhoid patients within your practice: talk to us about how we can help simplify this process.
  5. Have your endo center staff in-serviced by CRH’s Clinical Support Specialists.  Often times hemorrhoids are diagnosed during procedures in the ASC. It is important that endo staff understand hemorrhoid banding and can answer questions for any patients who are diagnosed during their procedures.

Schedule an In-Service with Our Clinical Support Specialists

Have you met Laura and Stephane? Our talented Clinical Support Specialists are both Registered Nurses and have a combined 9 years of experience as hemorrhoid specialists. They have participated in over 1500 hemorrhoid bandings and are happy to use their knowledge to help practices optimize their hemorrhoid banding practice, including: patient screening, procedure setup, procedure FAQs and everything in-between.

If your staff is interested in scheduling an in-service with Stephane or Laura, let us know! Whether you would like to arrange an in-person or virtual meeting, we are happy to work within your practice’s current protocols to ensure staff and patient safety.

Contest – Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

In our aforementioned survey of over 1000 patients, 49% had been suffering from their hemorrhoids for more than a year, with 22% of these patients suffering for more than 5 years. Definitive relief for these patients can be life changing and we want to hear about your experiences.

Do you have a hemorrhoid patient success story? We want to hear it! Send us your best hemorrhoid patient story or testimonial for a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

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Our account management team has over 20 years combined experience in operations, marketing and staff education for hemorrhoid banding with the CRH O’Regan System®.

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