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CRH Bandwagon – January 2019

CRH Bandwagon – January 2019

Colon Cancer Awareness Month

With February fast approaching, many of you are likely beginning to plan for Colon Cancer Awareness Month in March. If you’re planning to raise community awareness through health fairs, CRH would love to support your efforts!

Draw attention to your practice by educating the community about something that affects 50% of the population by age 50 – hemorrhoids! Talk to us about some of these initiatives:

  • Wearing our “Got Hemorrhoids” or “Just Band It” t-shirts at your booth
  • Using our t-shirts and pens as giveaways or having CRH sponsor a gift basket giveaway!
  • Displaying our patient flipbook so you can educate attendees about hemorrhoids
  • Having one of our stand-up banner templates customized for you to use at an upcoming health fair 

Did You Know?

You probably have a lot of patients complaining of their “external” hemorrhiod symptoms. Did you know that…

Banding the internal hemorrhoids helps resolve “external” symptoms 90% of the time!

This is because the “external” symptoms patients are complaining of are often actually due to their internal disease. They tend to blame their externals simply because it what they can see and therefore are most aware of!

Whether your patients are complaining of internal or external symptoms, only a consultation with a medical provider can accurately determine a diagnosis and the best treatment plan. By bringing in any patients complaining of hemorrhoids (internal or otherwise), you will be able to help so many more get on their way to symptomatic relief!

This Month’s Contest for a $100 Amazon Gift Card

This month, we’d like to learn more about a creative way you promot hemorrhoid banding, whether at your practice or in your community. Extra points for providing a photo! The winning answer will be featured in our next newsletter, and the winner will receive a $100 Amazon gift card!

Congratulations to our last winner Alicia, who submitted the winning newsletter name – The CRH BANDwagon! She, along with a randomly selected voter, have each won a $100 Amazon gift card. A big thanks to everyone for their participation!

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