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CRH Bandwagon – June 2023

CRH Bandwagon – June 2023

Thank you for tuning into this edition of CRH Bandwagon! We hope your summer is off to a terrific start. We’re back this month with a few simple tips on how to boost your banding appointments and create happier patients.

Men’s Health Month

Welcome to June, which we recognize as Men’s Health Month each year. It’s the perfect opportunity to ask those patients coming in for their first colonoscopy if they or someone they know are suffering from symptoms of hemorrhoids. After all, you have the solution!

Once a diagnosis of hemorrhoids is confirmed, the use of the CRH O’Regan System and our treatment protocols will ensure your patients are happy, healthy, and telling their friends about your services. If you have any questions, or your practice would benefit from additional staff or physician training, please let us know HERE .

Banding Patients and Scheduling

There are multiple approaches utilized by different groups when it comes to scheduling banding appointments. While there is no “best way”, we can certainly offer you some suggestions to enhance efficiency.

One approach commonly utilized by several of our partners is to perform the initial banding on the patient after their colonoscopy. Subsequently, the patient is scheduled to return to the office for their second and third banding session. This approach can be highly effective if you notice that a significant portion of your patients diagnosed with hemorrhoids fail to receive the necessary treatment. Many patients harbor concerns about hemorrhoid treatment, often imagining the worst-case scenarios. However, once they witness the rapid and virtually painless nature of the initial procedure, it becomes effortless to schedule their second and third visits before they even depart.

BUT, there are a few things to keep in mind:

• Because it is a secondary procedure, the reimbursement rate will be cut by 50%

• It is not recommended to band patients after colonoscopy if you are using conscious sedation as the patient needs to be alert and able to feel any pinch or pain before the band is placed

• It is recommended to keep the patient around longer before you discharge them. Since they are still coming out of their sedation, some patients will need a band adjustment when the physician has already moved onto the next procedure

Our Valued Partnership

Here at CRH we wanted to take time out to thank each and every one of you for our continued partnership and success. We want to continue to help partner in your success and the delivery of happy patients. In case you aren’t taking full advantage of some of the benefits of partnering with CRH, we provide: free marketing materials (flyers, brochures, banners, and much more,) on-site training, 24/7 access to our wonderful medical directors and much more.

Ordering Website

For those of you who are new, you may not be aware that we have an ordering website ( Please let us know if you or any of your staff could benefit from an ordering login.

Thank you for taking the time to check in with us – we look forward to connecting with you soon!

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