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PS Newsletter – July 2014

PS Newsletter – July 2014

We hope this month’s practice support newsletter finds you well! First, we would like to congratulate Corrine Harris for winning last month’s contest and the corresponding $100 Amazon gift card. Thanks to those of you who participated and added hemorrhoids to their intake form. Remember, since patients are often embarrassed or suffer in silence, it’s important to take the initiative and educate them on the procedure once they have brought up the fact that they have hemorrhoids.

This month, we’re going to talk a little bit about the upcoming CMS changes to colonoscopy, see if we can help support any new fellows that have recently joined your practice and share our new contest with you (giving you another chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card).

Pending Reimbursement Changes to Colonoscopy

With this year’s reimbursement reduction for upper endoscopy and endoscopic ultrasound, and the pending changes to colonoscopy codes coming up next year, many practices are looking for opportunities to offset revenue loss. When you consider that 50% of people suffer from hemorrhoids by the age of 50, there are millions of patients out there who would benefit from the CRH O’Regan System.

We have had a number of practices contact us to discuss ways in which they can make hemorrhoid banding a larger part of their practice. From our experience in operating hemorrhoid clinics around the country and working with over 600 practices on a regular basis, we have developed a number of useful tools, tips and tricks that we would be happy to share with you. Whether it’s assistance with marketing, billing, operations, clinical perspective etc., we will work with you to identify the most meaningful opportunity for your specific practice.

School is Out!

With this year’s class of GI fellows graduating and joining practices, many of them will be looking to quickly grow their patient base. Hemorrhoid banding is a natural continuum of care for a GI and represents a great opportunity for them to build their practice. We would be happy to return to your center for a training session in order to train your recent grads, any other partners, or for an advanced session with your actively banding physicians.


If you haven’t yet received our “got hemorrhoids?” t-shirts at your practice, you’re missing out! Since we started sending these t-shirts free of charge to trained practices, we have consistently heard how much fun the staff and patients have with them. They are a great conversation starter and perfect attire if your office has a casual Friday, set “banding days”, or something similar.

For this month’s contest and to be entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card, we’re looking to see a picture of your practice in your Sunday best CRH “got hemorrhoids?” t-shirts. If you’d like, we can even add the picture to your practice profile on our website. To see an example, scroll down the page on the following link

Thanks to Fayetteville Gastroenterology Associates for the picture!

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