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PS Newsletter – June 2013

PS Newsletter – June 2013

Want to maximize banding capacity?
Look at your existing patient scheduling processes!

Banding is a 60 second procedure so the question is how long should the appointments be? Our recommendation is that each appointment be 12-15 minutes in length but instead of booking these appointments sporadically in your schedule, why not block off dedicated banding time in your schedule? Many groups find it most efficient to book off one hour blocks of time for bandings. By utilizing a minimum of two rooms and by booking your first time banding patients at the top and bottom of the hour and follow-up banding patients in between, you can increase capacity from 4 patients per hour to 6 – that’s a 30% increase!

Bring the procedure to the office!

Why? Exam room turn-over is considerably quicker, procedures involve less paperwork and it’s more cost-effective for your patients.

Utilize your mid-level providers!

The CRH O’Regan System has a complication rate of only 1%. This means that, as long as there’s a trained physician on site, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners are able to offer the procedure too! This can be extremely helpful in opening up procedure time at the practice. If you have any questions with regards to billing or mid-level training, contact me.

New Marketing Tools!

We have new complimentary marketing materials for you!

Spanish ad template – our classic ‘Got Hemorrhoids’ print ad is now available in Spanish. Ask us to customize it with your practice details and logo and target new a new demographic!

Postcards – Send out a mailer to your entire patient database or purchase a lead list based on specific demographics. We’ll customize the postcard for your practice!

Appointment Cards – Many of you have asked for appointment cards and printed post procedure information. We decided to kill two birds with one stone by repurposing the “Follow up care instructions”. This is the brochure that comes inside the ligator kit. What’s different? We have reformatted the information into a bi-fold brochure and we added customizable appointment times to the back page. Have these on hand for all of your hemorrhoid patients so that you can schedule them for their next banding appointment and fill in the appointment reminder on the back. Order yours now!


We are pleased to announce our next draw prize – a marketing campaign!

What is the campaign about?

Slightly different than our past contests, we are encouraging you to take advantage of our new marketing materials, specifically, the patient postcard and Spanish ad. First, we’ll customize the tool for your practice. Then, we’ll assist you in creating and placing an ad campaign in your local newspaper/magazines or in sending out a patient mailer. Show us the invoice for each campaign that you run and we’ll enter you in the draw. Multiple campaigns will count for multiple entries! Deadline to have your campaign confirmed is February 1, 2014.

We will select one campaign and credit back the value of the campaign up to a maximum of $2600. For example, if you send out a patient mailer for a cost of $5200, we’ll contribute 50% back to the winner of the draw. Or, if you place an ad in your local newspaper for a total cost of $1500 and your name is drawn, we’ll credit you back the full value of $1500. Don’t miss out on a chance for free advertising credits. Ask us today!

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Our account management team has over 20 years combined experience in operations, marketing and staff education for hemorrhoid banding with the CRH O’Regan System®.

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