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PS Newsletter – May 2013

PS Newsletter – May 2013

Thank you for taking a few minutes to read our newest Practice Support Newsletter! In this edition, we will address the stigma surrounding hemorrhoids – a familiar challenge we hear from many practices. We also have a number of exciting announcements to share with you!

Overcoming Stigmas Around Hemorrhoids & Treatment

Hemorrhoids are a taboo topic of conversation – not a typical Sunday night dinner discussion. People have always been embarrassed and fearful to discuss their symptoms so they discreetly purchase over the counter creams that only temporarily treat symptoms and not the underlying problem.

Over 50% of the population will get hemorrhoids by age 50! But if you were to ask that 50% where to seek treatment, few if any would say their GI’s office. Patients have been bombarded with Preparation H advertisements for years and often believe that it is the only solution. Due to a lack of education that their symptoms are easily curable or even that they could be a sign of something more serious, many patients just don’t seek out professional help.

And then there are the horror stories. Most of us have listened to the tale of a friend who developed hemorrhoids after child birth and then underwent six weeks of debilitating recovery after hemorrhoid surgery. Or, we’ve heard the tale of Uncle Ed who suffered from hemorrhoids for 10 years before receiving an unbearable stapled hemorrhoidectomy only to end up with a post procedural infection and never truly recover.

Whether it’s the panicky patient, the embarrassed patient, the uninformed patient, the avoider patient, the problem masker patient or the heard one too many horror stories patient, YOU can help them with the CRH O’Regan System!

Eliminate Fear With Facts

Relieve patients of their worries by providing them with the tools they need to make an informed decision. 99% of your hemorrhoid patients don’t need surgery! By having their symptomatic hemorrhoids treated now, they will probably never need to worry about undergoing a surgical procedure. This conversation between you, your physicians and the patient is key- keep encouraging them to be proactive with their health. Still getting pushback?
Remind your patients that CRH O’Regan banding is different and more advantageous to traditional banding techniques for several reasons:
We use a plastic device which draws hemorrhoid tissue into the barrel of the ligator by using a GENTLE SUCTION rather than metal toothed instruments
Banding occurs in an area of our body which has NO NERVE ENDINGS making the procedure PAINLESS
The procedure only takes 1 MINUTE to perform and the patient can return to normal activities immediately after their appointment
Get Them Talking About Hemorrhoids

Expecting that the topic of hemorrhoid treatment will become dinnertime conversation may be a bit unrealistic, but there is no reason why we can’t provide more opportunities to talk about it openly. Here are a few of the most common ways practices tell us that they get their patients talking about hemorrhoids and feeling comfortable enough to ask for treatment:
Patient history/intake forms- adding a check box to the form provides another discrete way for patients to indicate that they experience hemorrhoid symptoms –now it’s up to the doctor to address
Humor works wonders! Consider wearing our “Got Hemorrhoids?” t-shirts as part of a casual Friday or just for fun. We’re sure you’ll invite a patient or two to inquire about treatment!
Let them read in peace! Practices tell us all the time that patients are more likely to grab a hemorrhoid treatment brochure when they are sitting privately in an exam room. Don’t hesitate to have us send you some of our free Patient Education brochures for all of your rooms.

Share Success Stories!

Just like horror stories can deter a patient from seeking out hemorrhoid treatment, success stories can positively influence patient behavior and choices. Word of mouth referrals are one of the most effective ways to have patients ask you to treat them. Consider offering an incentive type program to encourage word of mouth referrals from the happy patients you are currently banding. Testimonials are also powerful tools. Consider adding them to your website or even on a pin board in your waiting room.

New Marketing Materials – Redesigned and now available in multiple languages!

In case you missed our recent announcement on the release of our newly redesigned marketing materials, be sure to check them out online and stock up on anything you may be running low on.

In addition, we now have our marketing materials available in Chinese (traditional and simplified), Tagalog and Vietnamese! These can be found online and in downloadable formats.

Spanish Patient Video – Ya tenemos el video en Espanol!

This is a fantastic tool to help educate your current patients about the procedure as well as attract new ones. Upload it to your website today! Have a TV monitor or screen in your waiting room? Ask for a copy of the videos so you can play them live for your patients.

Come visit us at DDW next week!

DDW is just around the corner! If you or your physicians will be attending the conference May 18-21 in Orlando, please stop by our booth (#1566) and say Hi! Our Medical Directors, Dr. Guttenplan and Dr. Gorchynsky, along with the Business Development and Practice Support Teams will all be there.

All the best,
The CRH Practice Support Team

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