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PS Newsletter – October 2014

PS Newsletter – October 2014

We hope this month’s practice support newsletter finds you well! We will be covering two topics in this month’s newsletter.

First, we will introduce you to an exciting new product offering that we’ve recently launched – CRH Medsense. We’ll then speak about a topic which came as a result of the great feedback we received from last month’s contest. That contest was won by Shelly Figg – congratulations! And, as always, we will be providing you with an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon gift card through this month’s contest.

Over-YOUR-Counter is the New Over-the-Counter

CRH has recently launched its Medsense program with a series of OTC laxatives including PEG 3350 (brand name MiraLAX), Bisacodyl (brand name Dulcolax), Magnesium Citrate and Simethicone (antigas). We have 4 different fulfillment methods to make things as convenient as possible for both your practice and your patients. The program itself is designed to eliminate the guesswork and ensure patients have the medication they need – exactly when they need it. It is also an opportunity to add revenue to your practice. For early adopters, we will be providing them access to a free text messaging service that will send automated, timely reminders to patients prior to their colonoscopy.

If you would like to learn more, you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone. This month’s contest (a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card) involves participating in a 15 minute webinar at your convenience to learn more about CRH Medsense.


The most difficult part of incorporating hemorrhoid banding into your practice

First, we’d like to thank everyone for their feedback on this topic. While it’s always nice to hear positive endorsement, hearing about areas where there were challenges or where we can improve is a real help. From the correspondence we received, patient hesitancy and communicating the procedure to patients was the most common challenge so we would like to touch on a few common objections from patients:

1. Why do I need to come in for 3 treatments – Everyone has 3 hemorrhoidal columns and if multiple columns are banded in a single setting, the complication rate is up to 10 times higher than if you just band one column at a time. While infrequent, there is also a possibility of urinary retention if multiple columns are banded. Letting a patient know there is a chance (albeit small) they’ll need to have a catheter inserted in order to urinate will typically end the conversation there!

2. My hemorrhoids are external and you only band internally – Many patients will have some external disease and blame all of the symptoms they are experiencing on those external abnormalities. In the majority of cases however, the symptoms actually arise from their internal hemorrhoids (the ones they don’t know they have). If you band patients internally for “external” problems, 90% of the time they’ll receive symptomatic relief.

3. I’m not experiencing symptoms at the moment – Many patients suffering from hemorrhoids do not have chronic symptoms. If they have been experiencing recurring symptoms over a period of time (months, years), it’s likely just a matter of time before they have symptoms again. In order to reduce the chance of that next reoccurrence, they can be treated in between their symptomatic “bouts”.

This month’s $100 Amazon gift card

As mentioned earlier (but in case you have gotten into the habit of just scrolling to the bottom), to qualify for this month’s contest, we are asking you to participate in a 15 minute webinar to learn more about our new OTC laxative fulfillment program – CRH Medsense. Please let me know when you’re available and I will happily get something scheduled. Note: if you’re not the appropriate contact for this but pass us along to someone who is, we’ll still enter your name in the draw.

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