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PS Newsletter – September 2015

PS Newsletter – September 2015

We hope everyone is well and getting back into the swing of things with fall now upon us! Before getting into this month’s edition of the Practice Support Newsletter, we would first like to congratulate Andrea Sisson on winning last month’s contest and the corresponding $100 Amazon gift card!

Impact of ICD-10 on Hemorrhoid Banding

With the launch of ICD-10 codes just around the corner, we want to make sure you are informed on how things will change for hemorrhoid banding and your patients with perianal issues. We have updated our Superbill to include the updated diagnosis codes. You can find the document HERE.

Live Staff Webinar – Operational Best Practices

We will be holding another staff webinar on October 7th. We will be covering a few operational best practices that we found worked well – both in the operations of our own clinics years ago, as well as with some of the ~700 practices we are currently working with. The webinar will be approximately 20 minutes and some of the included topics will be:

• How staff can help identify patients for treatment
• Setting patient expectations
• Scheduling: Blocking patients vs. spreading them throughout the day/week

Please click on the link below to register for your preferred time (9:00am, 10:00am or 1:00pm PDT)

Click here to register

FAQ: Why don’t we give patients an enema?

We are occasionally asked if it would be beneficial to give patients an enema or prep them prior to banding. Of the >10,000 procedures that our Medical Director, Dr. Mitch Guttenplan, has performed, there have been 3 patients that were impacted to the point that the patient could not be banded. To put 10,000 patients through this process for the sake of 3 doesn’t seem to make sense, hence our recommendation.

This Month’s Contest

To gain entry into this month’s contest for a $100 Amazon gift card, we would like to see you and your group in your CRH “got hemorrhoids” t-shirts. We often get sent these types of photos from the groups we work with, but you really can never have too many! If you don’t have shirts and would like us to send some to your office, please let us know and we’d be happy to do so.

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