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The “Orphan” Condition Costing the Healthcare Industry $Billions per year

The “Orphan” Condition Costing the Healthcare Industry $Billions per year

A core principle of value-based healthcare is to reduce unnecessary or ineffective procedures: allowing patients to more quickly and cost-effectively find definitive relief for their conditions. One condition that is a great candidate for a more value-based approach in gastroenterology is hemorrhoids. This disease currently costs the healthcare industry over $2B/year, and the majority of this cost can be attributed to patients who are diagnosed but never treated.

In this article, Dr. Guttenplan discusses the value-based care practices that gastroenterologists can implement to address this issue, including:

  • Effectively identifying and diagnosing hemorrhoid patients
  • Providing their patients with definitive relief
  • Reducing the reliance on costly or ineffective procedures such as surgery and ointment

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